A new quality standard in drive technology for ropeways, snowmaking systems and wind turbines.

  • High overall efficiency
  • The drive engine runs gently and efficiently at any power level
  • Extremely silent and eco-friendly
  • Cost-efficient and redundant drive solution for ropeway operators

The LeitDrive frequency converter is the result of LEITNER’s consistent development of innovative drive technology.

The demands on ropeway installations today are ever-growing. Especially with regard to cost effectiveness, reliability and environmental protection, expectations are very high. LEITNER fulfills them with innovative high-tech solutions. The new LeitDrive frequency inverter marks a new quality standard in drive technology and continues the successful development building upon the direct drive.

Compact and Efficient

A great advantage of the LeitDrive frequency inverter is its modular and unusually compact design. Individual modules, each with a power of 250 kilowatts (kW) and a small width of just 400 millimeters per module. A water-cooled power element allows for an extremely compact design. Only highly efficient, latest-generation IGBT modules which have been uncompromisingly adjusted to the application are used for the power element.

Especially in combination with the LEITNER DirectDrive, the LeitDrive reaches a very high degree of overall efficiency. LeitDrive is based on a modular concept and, by interconnecting 250-kW basic units, can reach virtually any level of power. The perfect coordination between the engine and the frequency inverter ensures a high overall effi ciency and a drive engine that runs gently and effi ciently at any power level.

Easy to Maintain

All interactions with the inverter are carried out in a user-friendly manner via an integrated web server, which means that no additional, unpractical software tools are required. The most common field buses are supported via expansion cards. The control algorithms are specially optimized for ropeways and on-site direct drives. This unprecedented degree of adjustment to the application ensures the highest levels of system efficiency.

Easy access to components ensures ease of maintenance and service comfort.

LeitDrive's Use of Waste Heat
Eco-Friendly Redundant Drive Solution

The operation of LeitDrive is extremely silent and eco-friendly, and thus offers ropeway operators a cost-efficient and redundant drive solution.

The liquid cooling system allows waste heat to be processed through heat exchangers in order to provide heating and hot water for the buildings. The operation of LeitDrive is extremely silent and eco-friendly, and thus offers ropeway operators a cost-efficient and redundant drive solution.

By using waste heat from liquid cooling for heating or hot water generation, reasonable energy-efficient synergies can be achieved.

LeitDrive's Quality Customer Service
Excellent Support

The expertise that we have acquired through in-house development improves our service quality, our purchasing support and allows us to provide excellent customer service.