Funicular Ropeways

This cable-driven railway offers a wide range of applications.

Maximum length:
up to 3.1 miles (5 km)
up to 8,000 people per hour
Line Speed:
up to 2,756 feet per minute (14 m/s)
Car Capacity:
up to 400 pers
  • Funicular Ropeways
  • Funicular Ropeways
  • Funicular Ropeways

A funicular, also known as an inclined plane or cliff railway is a cable driven railway. A cable attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moves them up and down a steep slope; the ascending and descending vehicles counterbalance each other.

  • Two trains travel on one track.
  • A bypass is located at the mid-point.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Unlimited intermediate stops, but stops have to be symmetrical.