Breaking ground for new facility.

The new Skytrac headquarters in Tooele is set to be LPOA’s largest facility in the U.S. with more than 130,000 square-feet of manufacturing.

State and local government officials recently joined the Leitner-Poma of America team to celebrate the development of the company’s new manufacturing facility in Tooele, Utah. The new campus, close to Salt Lake City, will support LPOA’s Made in America initiative by serving as the headquarters and sole-manufacturing base for Skytrac. The new facility also provides expanded production for LPOA to assist with increasing demand in the ski industry and anticipated growth in urban markets.

“We are thrilled to mark a new era of our company here in Tooele,” said Daren Cole, president of LPOA at the celebration. “We are really invested in the State of Utah and the resort industry. We are focused on Made in America here in Utah and the U.S. We are doubling down on making 85-90 percent of our equipment right here in Utah and next door in Grand Junction, Colorado.”

Cole was joined by State of Utah Lt. Governor Diedre Henderson for the ceremony who noted,

“We want to welcome Leitner-Poma to the fastest growing county in the fastest growing state in the nation. It’s an exciting new chapter in innovation. Here in the heart of Utah’s industrial landscape our partnership with Leitner Poma will pave the way for groundbreaking new developments in the transportation industry with its cutting edge new manufacturing facility.”

“To have those facilities (ski lifts) actually manufactured here in Utah is incredible for a state who focuses on manufacturing, who focuses on tourism, who focuses on outdoor recreation and home to the Greatest Snow on Earth,” said Lt. Governor Henderson. “I can’t think of anything more fitting than partnering with Leitner Poma whose mission is to literally lift people and Utah whose state slogan is “Life Elevated.” I think this is so fitting to have them bring their facilities here and begin this partnership of together lifting Utahans.”

The Lt. Governor, Tooele City Mayor Debbie Winn and President Paul Hacking from the Tooele Technical College joined Cole as they ceremoniously broke ground for the new facility. Construction on the new manufacturing facility is underway and is scheduled to open in May 2024.

The new Skytrac headquarters in Tooele is set to be LPOA’s largest facility in the U.S. with more than 130,000 square-feet of manufacturing. The company estimates a total investment of more than $27 million to get the new campus up and running by 2024, including a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The new, larger facility will allow the business to increase production and expand headcount up to 120 employees, with further growth possible in additional phases of the project.

The facility will include a sizeable investment in sustainability with a number of renewable sources. Current plans include the installation of solar panels and a powerful LTW42 wind turbine by LEITWIND. The LTW42 turbine stands at 162 feet tall and boasts a capacity of 250 kilowatts, making it capable of covering up to 100% of a plant's electricity needs. The LTW42 turbine is a unique solution that not only reduces the carbon footprint but also facilitates decentralized energy generation. Skytrac's new Tooele plant will serve as a showcase for the benefits of this bespoke technology.

In addition to the upcoming Utah campus, LPOA will continue to maintain its nearly 100,000 square-foot facility in Grand Junction, Colorado.